Virtual Visit of the Castle

The low Rooms

These are the only areas where traces of William’s castle remain. They serve as foundations for the keeps built by his son, Henry I Beauclerc at the beginning of the 12th century.Munitions, wood and food were stocked there. The water tank, which collected rainwater from the roofing has two functions ; it was used for fire fighting and soaking food. The large stonework at the centre covers the traces of ancient ovens.

At the origin, there is no doubt that there were several floors : one can see, in the back room, the north and south pillars that supported one of them. In the Middle Ages, one gained access to the low rooms by a stairwell in the north wall of the keep and not by an exterior door ; it is of course indispensable to protect this space, situated at ground level. For the same reason, the openings are simple loopholes. The present door leading to the outside has been broken through recently.

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