Virtual Visit of the Castle

The Capella

The chapel of the great keep is a private one, strictly reserved to the king-duke and his courtiers. It is accessed via the camera.

In the Middle Ages, religion is an integral part of daily life : the king-duke and his close relations therefore attended mass regularly, participating in certain services. The chapel of the keep - or capella - was greatly restored in the 19th century but it is a very fine example of the Norman Romanesque style of architecture, which is very sober : the floor is made up of two square areas extended with a little rounded apse at the east end. The groined vaults are supported in the middle by a semi-circular arch laid on the top of two columns, the capitals of which are carved with floral motifs (not visible anymore).

There used to be a second, much larger chapel (also from the 12th century) in the lower ward, which held the rank of a parish church and was attended by the permanent inhabitants of the castle – craftsmen, servants and soldiers.

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