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The Camera

The camera is the private space of the lord’s residence. It is the room where the king-duke and his household (wife, children, and closest servants) live. It is the place for family meals, leisure and rest. It is also probably a privileged place for confidential political meetings, secret decisions and intrigues. Originally, the camera is perhaps only separated from the aula by a simple partition, or a wall with a number of arches set in it. The room opens out into the private chapel.

There are also transversal divisions made up of very light structures - curtains, hangings - , which allow the room to be divided in smaller, thus warmer spaces. The furniture is very basic : a few seats, plain wooden trestle tables, chests which contain all precious items, like linen, clothing, crockery... The beds, reserved to the nobility, are generally rudimentary, but more sophisticated ones exist, which are comfortable and easy to transport. It is not known if the current fireplace, heavily restored in the 19th, formed part of the original construction.

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