Animations Estivales 2019

All through summer, watch the Middle Ages come alive!

This summer, classic events as well as exclusive new ones will be taking place at the castle! Come and discover the world of heraldry, illuminations, weaponry, clothing, food and listen to the tales of the Battle of Hastings. Medieval re-enactors are inviting you to join them for a trip back in time, exploring many aspects of daily life during the Middle Ages.

These events will be presented by the several reenactment societies: Aisling-1198, Au Fil du Temps, La Fleur des Délices, Chantres et Chroniqueurs, la compagnie Barba Jovis, and Modes d'Autrefois.

Tales of the Battle of Hastings

Do you know how the Battle of Hastings played out in detail? This historical confrontation led William the Conqueror, duke of Normandy, to the throne of England and produced a new Anglo-Norman dynasty of kings. How did this man, then named William the Bastard, manage to win this decisive battle and change the course of history?
The Chantres et Chroniqueurs reenactment society will recount this epic story on July 30th and 31st, and on August 13th, 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd.
In French. Printed summaries in English at your disposal. English spoken.

Horsemen and their equipment et the battle of Hastings

Come and explore the horseman's equipment in the 11th century! On August 22nd and 23rd, the Au Fil du Temps reenactment society will get on their hobby-horse and introduce you to the Norman cavalryman's gear, both civilian and military. Through recreated artefacts, you will know everything about the equipment of the Norman riders.
In French. English spoken.

New: The Keys of history

The Au Fil du Temps reenactment society will tell you the story of medieval locksmiths through new displays on Saturday, August 24th. Unlock the secrets surrounding medieval keys, locks, hasps, or hinges, and compare these items with those that are still in use today.
In French. English spoken.

New: Medieval fashion

Despite the saying, clothes really do make the man in the Middle Ages! From Monday, 26th to Friday, 30th of August, Modes d'Autrefois will display medieval clothing in all of its aspects. From Eastern silk to English wool to the tailor's equipment, this reenactment company will invite you to delve into the history of medieval clothing with their tailor's shop!
In French.


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